Photo by Marble Rye Photography

Photo by Marble Rye Photography

From Jennifer...

Beauty, intimacy, creativity and kindness are things I cherish in life. This is a photo with my husband, Justin, on our wedding day. Nothing helps you cherish a memory more than a photograph. The way they tell our stories is an enduring mystery of life that captured my imagination at an early age. I grew up in the countryside of Tennessee and loved riding around as a kid taking photos with a Nikon my dad gave me for my sixteenth birthday. Through college and getting my M.F.A. in photography from Washington University in St. Louis, I've never put the camera down. The camera is how I honor and understand people. When I photograph your wedding, I try to see it through your eyes and capture as many amazing photographs as possible, the big moments and the small moments.


"We have shared out like thieves the amazing treasures of nights and days" – J.L. Borges

Wedding Photojournalism: Collect Experiences, Not Things...

A wedding is a once in a lifetime, unrepeatable event that brings people together in a way that might never happen again in a lifetime. They come to witness your vows and celebrate you, that experience is what I love about photographing weddings.

My approach to photographing the day is a cross between photojournalism and portraiture, with added attention to all the details. I married in June of 2017 and I know all the work couples put into their weddings, I’m there to honor you. I’m there to capture the true spirit of your wedding, which is so much more fun and interesting than stiff, canned wedding photography. Your photographs should be pictures of YOU, not images of typical poses we see over and over again. I bring a kind and supportive approach to the wedding that helps you relax and be yourself completely. If it's important to you, I want to know about it. I'm at your service and here to help. There is nothing more special as a wedding photojournalist, than anticipating all the genuine moments as they arise and unfold throughout your day and capturing them at the perfect moment, with attention to the best lighting. That’s the gift I bring to your wedding. It means I don’t put my camera down because the great photo, the real stuff, is often the unplanned moment.