The creative impulse runs deep in my life. In the sixth grade, I talked my dad into helping me write a play. If literature and poetry were my first love, then photography and art were a close second. While studying creative writing at a small liberal arts college in Tennessee, I found myself taking art classes and working in the darkroom, sometimes past midnight. One thing led to another, and I completed my M.F.A. in photography from Washington University (St. Louis) in 2000. For several years after, I lived and taught photography in Nashville, TN (my home state). In 2004, I made a big change moving to Asheville and started to work as a wedding photographer. Over the last 10+ years, I've grown so much as an artist and I've learned so much about people from photographing wedding. The best advice I can give a couple is to trust the day itself unfolding as the best source of meaningful photographs. Thank you for checking out my website. I would love to hear about you and what you have planned for your wedding.

A few things about me...

  • I love the smell of French press coffee in the morning, especially when my husband makes it.
  • You could say I'm pretty deep into a Criterion Collection movie addiction.
  • I've probably cried a few times when watching videos of elephants reunited after 20 years apart, because who doesn't love an emotional video about elephants?
  • I've lived most of my life in the south and I always mix creamed corn in my cornbread batter and sometimes I'll eat a tomato off the vine when I pick it in my parent's back yard...because it's delicious.
  • My husband has told me he loves my sense of fairness.
  • I look forward to swimming in the ocean every summer, it's one of my favorite things in the world.
  • I'm the happiest and most alive when I'm making something.

"We have shared out like thieves the amazing treasures of nights and days" – J.L. Borges

Photography Style: Wedding Photojournalism

The real stuff. The bride’s wedding veil unexpectedly picked up by the wind as she comes down the isle. The shy ring bearers. The groom practicing his vows before the ceremony. The embraces. The joyful tears. The quirky moments that make us laugh. Weddings are so much more than our carefully laid plans. People are the breadth and vibrancy of a wedding.

My approach to photographing the day is a cross between photojournalism and portraiture, with added attention to all the details. I married in June of 2017 and I know all the work couples put into their weddings, I’m there to honor you. What does this mean? A wedding is a once and lifetime moment that brings people together in a way that is unique and unrepeatable–it should be a joyful and authentic experience for you, your family and friends. I’m there to capture the true spirit of your wedding, which is so much more fun and interesting than stiff, canned wedding photography. Your photographs should be pictures of YOU, not images of typical poses we see over and over again. I bring a kind and supportive approach to the wedding that helps you relax and be yourself completely. If it's important to you, I want to know about it. I'm at your service and here to help. There is nothing more special as a wedding photojournalist, than anticipating all the genuine moments as they arise and unfold throughout your day and capturing them at the perfect moment, with attention to the best lighting. That’s the gift I bring to your wedding. It means I don’t put my camera down because the great photo, the real stuff, is often the unplanned moment.