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If I had to pinpoint the main thing that defines my approach, it's the idea that the wedding isn't a photo shoot it's one of the most important days in the the life of two people, and the most important thing is to create a natural approach where couples are in love, just the way they are. The best photos always come from unplanned emotion and the connections between people. It's very natural for couples to be a little nervous about having their photos made, I never want people to feel like they're modeling. Instead, it's my goal to quickly understand the personality of the couple, and gently guide them toward situations where they'll look great and it feels like the images I'm capturing suits that specific couple. It's often something very simple, how the light falls on someone's face, how couples look into each other's eyes, how people embrace and show tenderness.

During the event, I spend a lot of time thinking about the light, the exposure of the image (how light or dark the photo is) and how the background is working in the photo. These factors fluctuate continually during the wedding and I'm always quietly adapting to that. The other side of this is capturing the subject is a way that is natural and joyful. Throughout the wedding, my goal is to bring all those elements together. Capturing feelings at exactly the right moment before they've changed, never gets old.

The ceremony is one of my favorite things to photography. I work with a 70-200mm lens, this allows me to be at a distance, but still take photos that feel close and intimate during the ceremony. I also incorporate wide shots that show the overall view of the ceremony.

To give you an idea of what I'm thinking about while I photograph a wedding, I've created a slideshow.

Photojournalistic coverage that captures genuine moments:

Posed portraits of the bride and groom: 

The Ceremony:

Family and Wedding Party Photos:

Bride & Groom Portraits:

Your friends and family:

Where it all happened:

Detail photos that capture the style of the wedding:

Getting ready: